Our Services

Gabtic Engineering provides comprehensive services that cover every client’s needs helping forge their pathway towards ultimate sustainability and energy reduction.

Gabtic Engineering has been the distributor across Egypt for many internationally renowned manufacturers of hi-tech professional equipment and services as well as commercial products.

Our after sales service offers all the required information and support needed by our customers regarding products purchased to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

In addition to the maintenance and expansion of all facilities, we also support our clients with the operation of a facility. This typically relates to independent process units that deliver support services for operating our clients’ commercial facility.

Automation & Optimization
The greatest opportunities for HVAC energy savings can be found in the optimization and automation of systems and components. Gabtic with Armstrong’s series of Integrated Plant Control (IPC) solutions, IPS pump controllers and our Performance Management services leverage available data, technology and communications protocols to coordinate, automate and optimize HVAC systems for extended operating life and maximum energy efficiency.

Gabtic is one of the few engineering supply companies on the market that is in a position to provide its customers with maintenance, integrating, and installation services for all the products and services that we supply in the lifetime of a project.

Integration Services

Installation Services

Maintenance Services