MGT Filter was founded in 1992 in Istanbul.We started to this journey to meet World’s and Turkey needs based on the necessity of Filtration of atmospheric pollutants.
Our aim on our production and service to develop our quality efficiency and sustainability to be inside of principle of quality to sustainable efficiency.
We continue to do our best in our customer-focused activities that can produce solutions with all our stakeholders and employees and always conscious of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level with our knowledge and experience gained over a quarter of a Century.

Our filters are used in clean rooms, hospitals and laboratories, power plants, HVAC systems in many industrial areas as worldwide thanks to our export intensity to more than 70 countries on 5 continents.Believing in importancy of our

Filters and Filtration Systems will prevent Global warming and Climate change with the way of effective and proper use.
Maintain our business with the principle to leave ‘’a cleaner world’’ for tomorrow.