Gas & Chemical Filtration

Gas-Phase air filters have been in use for over three decades and these specialty air filtration products scrub mal-odorous, corrosive, harmful and toxic gases from air streams.

Gas phase filter is a relatively new and complex field, which is neither mechanical nor electric but these filters effectively remove gases and associated odors. The basic mechanism about these filters is that this unit is equipped with a chemical filter designed to remove pollutant gases from the air.

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Media refers to small beads, granules,pellets that remove gaseous chemical pollutants from polluted air streams.

Through a highly efficient filtration technique our Purafil Media are designed to react with specific gaseous pollutants and use a process called chemisorption or Gas Phase Filtration , to convert the contaminants into harmless compounds.


Wide range of Filters and moduels designed to improve indoor air quality by removing indoor and outdoor gaseous contaminants including VOCs, SOx, NOx,Ozone and etc -

Pleated Filters imbedded with activated carbon granules for particulate collection while utilizing carbon for gaseous pollutant control.


We do supply various customed equipments, supplied with the desired selected type of media, within wide range of filter designs, from small pleated fiber filters to large deep bed scrubbers

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