Gas Turbine Filters

Industy : Power Station Systems

Gas turbine air intake filter cartridges for gas turbines are modern and reliable. They ensure high efficient filtration of dust and other contaminates even in the most polluted environments. Variety ranges of material make it possible to find suitable filter media for any environmental condition.

We do supply air filters to remove particulates from gas turbines. Our filters have been supplied on virtually every gas turbine size in all operating environments - from areas prone to sandstorms to offshore platforms to the freezing cold artic.

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Cylindrical Cartridge Filter Superior high efficiency media made of meltblown synthetic fibers bonded to cellulose to make 80/20 blend with minimal resistance High efficiency performance operates under severe environmental conditions Durable heavy duty construction Extended life Easily installed Zero air bypass design


Heavy duty, high efficiency compact filter with metal seperators for the rotating machinery industry such as cen-trifugal compressors and gas turbines Handles high air volumes up to 4250 m³/h High dust holding capacity High burst pressure Efficiency F6-F9 to EN779 and H10 according to EN1822


High-performance replacement air filters provide an economical retrofit for all styles of gas turbine inlet air filter houses.

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