Automotive Filters

High quality filter rolls and panel filters that can operate at high temperature conditions as in paint stop booths , to prevent infiltration of contaminants inside paint booths cabins as in drying tunnels.

Wide range of Products as below:

Paint Stop Rolls : Green Paint Stop Rolls

Synthetic Media Rolls & Ceiling Filters

Compact Hight Temperature & Panel filters : that can operate at high temperature and that help in improving air quality in drying lines.

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Used in paint booth applications and drying tunnels,are made from high density synthetic fibers fully impregnated with back net to support media and eliminate media migration.


V-Shape Rigid Filter is a high temperature filter designed for use in drying ovens/tunnels in the Automotive industry.

Its V shape robust design makes it ideal for the different operating conditions.

Classification F6,F7,F8 and F9.


Panel Filters are used in air supply and diffusion applications in paint spray booths , and in drying operations in the automotive indusrtries. High Temperature Air Filters, Easy to install, high dust holding capacity.

Classification: G4 to EN799


Media rolls can be used as pad pre-filters in air handling units, but also as filters in paint booths and similar applications.
Media rolls are sold in filter classes G3 to F5 classification according to EN779.


Purpose to remove Paint overspray in paintspray cabins & serves various applications in the Automotive Industry.

Progressive density glass fibre media open weave design enhances paint removal from airstream protects exhaust ducts, fans and motors.

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